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CPO - Certified Pool Operator Certification

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Lifeguard Certification


TPO - Trained Pool Operator Certification

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Why Become A Lifeguard?

Your position is critical to the operation of facility-owned pools. Take pride in being a cornerstone of safety and accountability. Continue on your path of personal development and grow into the professional you are!

• Part-time and full-time positions available

• Job openings available near your home

• Enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere



General Requirements & Certifications

We have established relationships with certification providers, making the process easy, quick and simple. Together we'll take a look at the accreditations you need and set a plan to get you working in no time!

• You need to be at least 15 years old to be eligible

• Currently certified or able to obtain a certification

• American Red Cross Certification that includes First Aid and CPR/AED

• Transportation to and from the pool facility you supervise

• Professional and customer service oriented


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